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All About Free Spirit 520 Airbrush Face Paint and Body Tattoos

Dressed Up
Airbrush tattoo with stencil.webp
Image by Ivy Aralia Nizar
Colorful Balloons
Faces Against Window
Colorful Clown Balloon

About Our Tattoos

With over 100 airbrush tattoo face & body stencils to choose from, guests will marvel over their unique Face Paint and Body Airbrush Tattoos - a new look!

All face paint is FDA approved, non-toxic and washes away with water. On average, we paint 15-20 faces per hour. It typically takes 2-3 minutes to apply a 2 color design, however adding paint colors can take 4-8 minutes, depending on the amount of detail. Face painting is fun for all ages, children as well as adults, and is a must have for any occasion!

Airbrush temporary tattoos dry instantly, are water-resistant and can last days up to a week. They are appealing for their realistic look. Airbrush tattoos are safe for all ages and most suitable for ages 5 and up.  The tattoos can be removed instantly with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. Standard black airbrush temporary tattoos take about a minute to apply, which is great for big events with a lot of people. Multi-colored airbrush tattoos take longer to apply, about 3-5 minutes per person, but have a dazzling finish.

Boys at Party